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The Hexcapes Malware Analysis Service (HMAS) helps your organization analyze suspicious files, office documents, websites and memory dumps to help you control the spread and execution of malicious code within your enterprise. 

Our Malware Analysis Services specializes in 

  • Advanced malware research 

  • Malware analysis using static, dynamic and memory techniques 

  • Network traffic analysis

  • Conducting online research of latest cyber threats

  • Develop and support threat detection systems 

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The Hexcapes Digital Forensics Service (HDFS) assists you perform investigations into complex crimes by conducting cyber-crime digital forensic analysis. By using the Hexcapes Digital Forensic Service our analysts will assist in your forensics investigations by providing; 

  • Mobile forensic analysis

  • Operating system forensic analysis

  • Identify, document, and analyze forensic evidence

  • Provide forensic analysis reports

  • Support and provide expert witness testimony

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Hexcapes develops and tailors cybersecurity solutions to help organizations protect against cyber threats. 

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Hexcapes can simulate real-world attacks on your internal and external networks, applications and devices to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Hexcapes can assist you neutralize these vulnerabilities to ensure you and your customers data is well protected.

The Hexcapes penetration testing service can help you

  • Perform automated and hands-on penetration testing to quickly identify security risks within applications security controls and network infrastructure

  • Create penetration testing reports to provide actionable 
    Promote computer security awareness through hacker demonstrations

  • Create actionable recommendations to remediate security threats via data driven methods and help protect against future attacks


Hexcapes can help you identify emerging threats, analyze information gaps, and prepare briefings to help you mitigate cyber threats. The Hexcapes Threat Intelligence Service specializes in delivering strategic and tactical intelligence reports to a range of government and business clients. 

Contact Hexcapes to help your agency 

  • Analyze cyber threat campaigns and provide remediation recommendations tailored for your organization 

  • Author threat intelligence products

  • Conduct threat intelligence briefings

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